24 July 2018

Foods that are Good and Bad for Our Teeth

It is a fact that what we eat influences oral health. We are able to guess the harmful effects of some food and beverages. For example, […]
24 July 2018

Advantages of a Dental Implant

It has a more natural appearance and it is easier to use compared to a bridge and a removable prosthesis. It is a permanent solution for […]
24 July 2018

Smiling Freely

A sincere, cordial smile is the fundamental principle of communication. It helps you to create a noticeable difference and value not only in your private and […]
23 July 2018


We believe that a sincere smile will never lie. This is because a real smile (what the psychologists call aDuchenne smile) is not by moving the […]
23 July 2018

How Smoking Impacts Oral Health

Bad breath Smoking causes bad breath, also known as halitosis. In smokers, tooth bacteria plaque buildup increases over time. Due to decrease in immunity and the […]
23 July 2018

Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetics is usually defined as “beauty and taste that suits the rules and principles of mathematics and arts.” In other words,aesthetics can be defined as ”the […]
23 July 2018

What is this aesthetic smile design all about?

Our patients who have problems with their teeth started hearing more about aesthetic dentistry, a topical subject nowadays.That’s fine, but we can almost hear you say […]
20 March 2018

Is there an age limitation for orthodontic examination?

Contrary to popular belief, orthodontic treatmentcan be performed at every age.For example, we have a ten year old patient having an orthodontic treatment, and a forty […]
20 March 2018

Is scaling a must?

Scaling is one of our routine procedures. Our body creates tartar by sedimenting saliva and in fact, scaling is the top item on the list, in […]
31 January 2018

Is implant treatment a fearful treatment?

There are people who know that the implant treatment is a current salvage therapy. However, we still get the following answer from our patients when we […]
22 December 2017

Dental Implants

Implant is a kind of titanium screw placed on the jaw bone to complete the missing teeth.It has a good tissue compatibility and bone bonding.  After […]