Frequently Asked Questions

At what age should one start brushing their teeth?
It is necessary to clean the teeth surface starting with the very first teething in babies. First tooth eruption takes place around the sixth month. The first teeth should be wiped with a moist gauze. The caretaker should brush the teeth with a toothbrush for babies and without toothpaste. It is recommended to give the toothbrush into the hand of the child. You can use low flouride toothpaste at the ages of two to three. Later, special toothpaste for children can be used. The amount of the toothpaste should be the size of a green pea. The children are not yet able to brush their teeth effectively,this is why their parents should help them.
When should I change my toothbrush?
If you have used the toothbrush the way it should be used, i.e. 3times a day, then it should be changed every six months.
Are there other alternatives for those who do not want to use detachable prosthesis?
Thanks to the implant applications in today’s dentistry, it is no longer a necessity touse detachableprosthesis.
Should we brush our teeth three times a day?
Experts suggest that three times a day (once every eight hours) is the ideal frequency.Still,it might also be enough to brush the teeth twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. What really matters is not the amount, but how well the teeth are brushed.
Is it correct to use antibiotics in inflammation of the teeth?
Using antibiotics is a mode of treatment and the doctor should decide on this treatment. It is not recommended to use antibiotics without consulting a doctor.
Is it possible to have a pain free treatment?
Oral treatment after anesthesia (desensitizing) takes place completely painfree.
Is scaling harmful for teeth?
If scaling is performed in the right hands, with the right methods, then it is not harmful.
Do you pull every aching tooth?
Absolutely not. If the pain is because of caries, then we try to save the tooth through root canal therapy or filling.
Can I see a dentist during pregnancy?
If it is not an emergency, during the first and the third trimesters, all kinds of interventional treatment such as dentistryshould be postponed. However, if the patient is in severe pain, or in case of an infection, she can be treated upon permission of the doctor. The best way would be to have oral and dental care prior to the planning of pregnancy.
When I can start taking my child to the dentist?
Dental checkup is required starting at the age of 3 or 4.
Is there a treatment for broken teeth or should they be extracted?
Not every broken tooth should be extracted, it is possible to salvage the tooth through various treatment methods (eg. Filling or dental veneers).
What should be done for teeth with sensitivity?
If the reason for sensitivity is caries, then it should be treated. If it is due to a gingival disease or gum recession, a suitable sensititivity treatment (such as laser, flouride application) besides the gingival treatment is necessary.
I would like to have aesthetic teeth but I do not want my teeth to get smaller. Is there another mode of application?
The word “aesthetics” is wide in scope, laminate veneersmay meet your expectations, and you would not have smaller teeth.
Should I take the prosthesis out of my mouth at night?
In order to provide relief for the soft tissues and palates which get tired all day long, detachable prostheses should be placed in a clean prosthesis cup that is full of water, before going to bed. If the prosthesis stays dry, then it will lose water, dry out and get more fragile.
Should every wisdom tooth be pulled out?
Not every wisdom tooth needs to be pulled out, if the tooth is completely out and there are no caries, then there is no need to pull it out.
What is a root canal therapy, why is it performed?
If the caries has already arrived at the nerves, then it will not be sufficient to just perform a filling.The nerves at the root of the tooth should also be taken out and these channels should also be filled.
Is it not right to have all teeth extracted when I am old and get a prosthesis?
Living with a prosthesis is not very easy. It is tough keeping it stable in mouth. This is whyeach tooth that remains will help keep the prosthesis in place. Therefore, we absolutely do not recommend having all teeth pulled out.
What harm is in breaking hard nuts with your teeth?
Our teeth may also break like every object in nature. Sowe do not recommend that you break the nuts with your teeth.
Can a tooth with filling still decay?
If a tooth with filling is not brushed adequately, caries may develop again.In addition, you should keep in mind that every filling has a lifespan.